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About Us

Sydney J. Harris said and I quote: “The whole purpose of education in to turn mirrors into windows”. At Sunbeam Schools, we just don’t turn the mirrors into windows... we open doors too, doors opening up to umpteen possibilities for our students to excel but yes before sending them off we do ensure that we equip them with every possible skill and knowledge set to hold them in good stead as they walk out of the chrysalis of a Sunbeam School into the big competitive world outside. Sunbeam Schools truly believe that education should be a positive and transformational experience, regardless of the ability or background of a child and our past records of sustained success reflect our commitment of raising benchmarks for success for everyone. We have the highest expectations from all our students in every area of school life and our students have done us proud time and again by excelling in all spheres of academic, co-curricular and sporting realms. I am also very proud to have a large family of teachers involved in teaching and learning constantly engaged in research and development to make learning engaging and personalized and monitor students’ progress and give effective timely feedback.
Sunbeam for me has always been and will be a learning school, always focused on developing both students and staff members and that possible has been the foremost reason of our successful journey. We look forward to welcoming you and your wards into the Sunbeam family in the upcoming academic session.


Deepak Madhok 


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