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Performing Arts

Art education contributes a lot for an individual in a society. Art is a language that communicates through usage of visual images. Literacy also includes the major portion of the ability to understand and read visual images. Sunbeam School understands the importance of art education and hence firmly holds on to the belief that development of a child depends on the literacy and intellectual abilities on visual as well as performing arts.
Performing arts play an important role in the mental growth of a child and we have given enough space for performing arts in our school. We have four dance teachers in our school to lead the department of performing arts. One teacher teaches the intricacies of classical dance while the other teaches Hip Hop. Sunbeam School Narayanpur have three music teachers for teaching Western, Hindustani, and Classical music to the students.
Music plays a very major part in the development of a child beginning from early childhood. Recent studies have even proven that music can improve both pro social behaviour as well as problem solving skills of a young child. Music making can even improve the ability of cooperation among the children. The school realizes the importance of music and its impact on a child and hence, several programs on music are conducted in the school. Our students have several records of winning many prizes of music and singing in the district and interschool fests.

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