The school’s enriching curriculum makes classrooms and activity rooms lively and vibrant learning platforms for students. They are dynamic social places, where teachers and students communicate, share information and question each other's views with a healthy mindset.

All our classrooms are equipped with smart boards that make the teaching- learning process interactive and interesting. The latest advancements in the field of education, aided with innovative methodology are employed to make the learning journey more inviting and fruitful.


The school has aesthetically designed, vivacious Activity Rooms, pulsating with the energy of creative expression and collaborative learning. These dynamic spaces serve as hubs for fostering diverse talents and skills among our students. Each room is carefully curated to cater to specific activities, be it the art room adorned with colorful canvases and easels, or the science lab equipped with cutting-edge instruments.

  • Music Room
  • Dance room
  • Art Room
  • Resource Room Play Area (Indoor & Outdoor)