Sunbeam School Narayanpur,Mirzapur conceived as a seedling to proffer comprehensive and inclusive education with the motto- Blending Modern Education with Indian Culture in 2012, which has thrived into a bounteous tree of knowledge empowering lives of each student within its ambit. Today we stand as forerunners in the spectrum of modern and holistic education. We are propelled by a result oriented pattern of academic excellence and guarantee the success of each pupil who comes in the portals of our system.The SBS Narayanpur academic team works exhaustively to chisel out the potential of each scholar enabling him to achieve academic excellence.

Our forte is to augment the brilliant brains to crack several competitive examinations at national and international platforms.The verdant vibrance of the campus nutures a wide variety of flora and fauna extending the transcendencies of exotic nature incubating an interlaced rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

The Management and entire fraternity of the institution work together to ignite the spark within each child to take intellectual risk and turn their ideas and passion into original and valuable components of life.The philosophy of the institution envisages to produce principled leaders building their capacity to collaborate and create and lead the strongest fraternities of life, cultivating life skills and soft skills nurturing spiritual, social and emotional wellness.

We are committed to leap ahead making education an edifying and gratifying experience accentuating intrinsic values creating a wonderful world for all.

Santosh Kumar Tripathi
Principal - sunbeam school narayanpur